Monday, February 25, 2013

Iranian Diplomat Has Applied For Asylum in Norway!!!

Another Iranian diplomat in Oslo has defected and applied for asylum in Norway. Although, Mohammad Reza Heidari a former Iranian diplomat, who has refugee status in Norway, through a short article published in some of the persian websites released his name, the current defected diplomat would like to remain anonymous OUT OF CONSIDERATION TO HIMSLEF AND HIS FAMILY!!!!!
Although, i do not have time to spend on this issue, but some false arguments releasde by this guy and other defected Iranian diplomats force me to write a brief comment about this type of Iranian diplomat defection. This brief comment would also be beneficial for the Norwegian Authority as well as those kind readers, who visit my weblog daily.
The defection of this diplomat (M.Z) and those guys like him, raise some serious questions including:
1- The current diplomat would like to remain anonymous out of consideration to himself and his family!!!
Which type of consideration? Security? by whom?  What does this phrase mean? Does it mean that the Iranian Regime does not have any clue that one of its diplomat has applied for asylum in Norway; therefore he would like to remain anonymous? Is this a joke or what?
2- The second question is why and based on which reason is this guy applying for asylum in Norway? As i heard, the diplomatic mission of this guy was going to end after almost one and half month ( from this date) and he should return back to Iran. Why has he applied for asylum like a last minute flight passanger? The other defected diplomat i.e. Mohammad Reza Heidari also had the similar issue. He applied for asylum in Norway almost between two to four months before he supposed to return back to Iran.
3- I am wondering, what does this guy want to say to the UDI in Norway. Does he want to say that he is againts the turure, execution and undemocratic institutions within the Islamic Regime? In this case, the UDI employee has to ask him: where have you been in the last 34 years? Did n`t you notice these issues in the past 34 years?

Some Recommendations for the Norwegian Authority:
1- The Iranian Regime is the master of fabricating artificial opposition and double agent.

2- The next presidential election in Iran will take place on June 14, 2013. According to the constitution, Ahmadinejad cannot participate in this election. It means that some other person will become the next president and consequently, the new president will replace and change most of the diplomats. (This guy knows about this issue very well too).

3- This guy has enormous amount of information about Iranian secret agents and activities in Norway and possibly other countries in the EU. If he denies this issue, he is lying. Therefore, the Norwegian Authority should focus on this issue as soon as possible.

4- Those who get the opportunity to work abroad (e.g. diplomats and embassy employee) for the Islamic Regime at any level, have shown their 100% loyalty to the regime in theory and practice through many years. If the Islamic Regime did not fully trust them, they would not have taken any work abroad at all.

5- My last advice is that the Norwegian Authority should not trust this guy and those like him at all (26.02.2013).