Monday, February 11, 2013

The Final Countdown!!!

Iran Will Likely Launch a satellite into HEO in the Near Future.

It seems, the Islamic Regime will likely launch a satellite into High Earth Orbit (HEO)in the near future; to an

altitude of almost 35-36,000 km above the Earth. If this plan would come true,then Iran would be able to

reach everywhere in the world by its long-range missiles.

We should bear in mind that: The distance from Tehran to Paris is (4221km), to Tel Aviv (1589 km) to

London (4407 km) and to Washington (10755 km).

Maybe, because of this hidden surprise, Ali Ahani, the Iranian Ambassador in France announced that

Iran is ready to give the IAEA inspectors permission to visit The Parchin Facility. It`s funny, but as i

see the event, it seems the Islamic Regime is the main player of the real carrot and stick game.

Carrort = Visiting the Parchin or using small amount of domestically made nuclear fuel rods in some of its nuclear facilities.

Stick = launching a Long-Range Missile into Space or Exporting 40 Tons Weapons to Yemen.

A tricky but gradually and steady way to reach "Advanced Military Capability" under the name of "Scientific Exploration".  (11.02.2013).