Friday, February 15, 2013

Wrestling Diplomacy And India`s Intermediation in Iran`s Nuclear Programme!!!

As i follow the news, i noticed that:
1- American wrestling team is heading to Iran. This event reminds me to Ping-Pong diplomacy between China and the US in the 1970s. If my assumption is correct, i have to say:
The political system in China, its ideological characteristics and goals in the past, present and future is not the same as the political system in Iran. This is a clear Mirror Imaging, which would lead you to nowhere. You will understand my short note, when your wrestlers will return back to home. 

2- French President, Francois Hollande asked India to intermediate on the issue of Iran`s nuclear programme.
Regarding this proposal, i have to say: The only country, which couple of years ago could put some pressure on the Islamic Regime with regards to its nuclear ambition, was Russia. Based on many reasons, Russia did not do that. At this stage, however, even Russia, which is the closest ally to Iran cannot stop the Islamic Regime. In my opinion, in this case, Russia plays the role of a double agent in nuclear negotiation with Iran. Russia knows, in the worst case scenario, the Western Countries would not invade Iran the same as the US did in Afghanistan (2001) and Iraq (2003). In the worst case scenario, the Western Countries would attack Iran`s nuclear, military or industrial facilities and they would not use ground force at all. If this would happen, which country would get new contracts to rebuild Iran`s infrastructure facilities? The answer to this question is Russia and China.
Therefore, Russia joins the nuclear negotiation with Iran, just in order to pretend that she is respecting the International Law, order and she is collaborating with the West. But at the same time Russia knows that she is the final winner, if the worst case scenario would occur.  
Moreover, Iran functions as an indirect proxy for Russia. Through Iran, so far Russia has managed to keep Assad in the power in Syria.
But in the long term Russia would be one of the main losers, If the Islamic Regime would be able to get the nuclear bomb. If Iran manage to get the nuclear bomb, then the Islamic Regime would start to expand its hegemony in Tajikestan, Daghestan, Azarbaijn, Chechnya, etc amongst different Islamist groups in these areas. In fact, Russia is nurturing not just a snake but a dragon in her bosom. (15.02.2013).