Thursday, February 14, 2013

The IAEA Inspectors Couldn`t Visit the Parchin Facility Again!!!

Once again, the IAEA inspectors couldn`t visit the Parchin facility and returned home with their empty hands. I have to repeat myself again. If you want to have a better prediction and analysis about the action of the Islamic Regime; just follow these steps:

1- You should put yourself in the shoes of Khamnei. It means, you should look at the whole issue from Khamenei`s perception and not yours.

2- You should have a proper knowledge about the Shia branch of Islam.

3- You should have a proper knowledge about the Iranian culture as well as mentality.

4- Your analyst should not have any connection what so ever with oil, weapon, nuclear lobbies and more importantly some factions within the Islamic Regime.

5- If you manage to follow these four steps mentined above, then you should put aside for a while all theories you have learned so far. After this, put yourself in the shoes of Khamenei in different arenasie.e the domestic as well as international issues. If you manage to achieve this stage precisely, then use your theoretical knowledge and chose appropriate tactic and strategy (i.e. instead of Khamenei). This method is comletely the opposite side of what your analysts have done during the past 34 years.

Notification: Do not pay attention with what a Mullah even a grand ayatollah in Qom, Najaf or a member of Parliament or even the President say. These people are just a bunch of puppets and would divert your mind from a proper analysis. If someone (anyone) tries to encourage you to focus on the statements of such puppets, you should be aware that this person wants intentionally or unintentioanlly give you wrong address. If this person give you wrong address unintentionally; it means S/he does not have any clue about the Islamic Regime. If This person give you wrong address intentionally; it means S/he has some connection with oil, weapon of nuclear company or some factions within the Islamic Regime. In this case, therefore, you should kick such person out of your office without any consideration.

If you follow these simple steps, you will be able to have a better prediction about the Islamic Regime action in the future. Otherwise, whether you like of not, you are just wasting your time, energy and money.