Thursday, February 7, 2013

Khamenei Rejected Joe Biden`s Recent Proposal.

Today, Ayatollah Khamenei rejected Joe Biden`s recent proposal regarding a direct negotiation between the two authorities. During a speech for Air Force Personnel, the supreme leader stated that the policy of the US in the Middle East has failed and Americans need a winning card. Therefore, the US tries to bring Iran to negotiation table. Moreover, he addressed Americans and said "I am not a diplomat, i am a revolutionary and i talk openly and honestly. You have pointed gun at us and you want to have negotiation! The Iranian nation will not be intimidated by these attitudes". Furthermore, he called those Iranian officials, who have optimistic assumption about this issue as "Naive or betrayer" and added that"The negotiation does not solve anything". 
The short text noted above, was brief summary of Khamenei`s statements. At first glance, the readers might think that this speech was just an ordinary and regular talk and nothing more. In my opinion, there are two important points in this simple speech, which should not be underestimated. These points will help us to have a better prediction about the future events. The first point is Khamenei`s assumption about the overal failure of the US in the Middle East.(For further information about Khamenei`s assumption, i would suggest you to see the two essays of 1-”Iran should not get the nuclear bomb” and 2-”Will the US attack Iran” published in this weblog).  
The second point is a strong warning for those Iranian officials, who have optimistic view about the direct negotiation with the US. Khamenei stated that these types of people are either naive or betrayer, which the Iranian nation will deal with them. 
Notification: The Iranian nation will deal with them, means that Intelligence community, the Judiciary authority, the Revolutionary Guard Corps and Basij will deal with them.
The map below illustrates what type of plan the Islamic Regime has for the Middle East.

Red Arrows: Iran’s offensive activities in the Middle East.

Green Arrows: Iran’s final plan for the Middle East.  

Some Key terms for readers to focus more:
1-     Regional Hegemon (J. Mearsheimer).
2-     Chamberlin and Munich Agreement in 1938.

M. Sirani                                                                       (07.02.2013).