Sunday, December 4, 2016

Alexander Van der Bellen, the Pro-EU Candidate Won the Presidential Election in Austria (Don't Expect Such A Result With High Certainty in the Case of Italy & France in the Future).

Briefly: Don't be too happy and don't expect such a pro-European results in Italy and France in the future.

Just remember: Austria is surrounded by other EU countries and is located in the middle of the Union. The country does not have direct access to international water like Italy, France, Spain or Germany. Considering this fact and the notion that we are currently experiencing a global economic downturn, choosing a far-right wing candidate and consequently leaving the EU could have been a huge disaster (In different terms including trade) for Austria at this stage.

This is just one of those small but important details that some genius so-called "Think Tanks (I call them DING DANGS or Living Copier & Paster) do not pay attention to it in their jargon analysis. 

As such, don't be too happy and don't expect that such a Pro-European result with high certainty and probability might happen for Italy and France in the future, in my opinion.

Note: The EU is on the verge of collapse. 

M. Sirani                       04.12.2016