Monday, December 19, 2016

Angela Merkel Does Not Have Any Chance At All To Be Re-Elected Again In the Next Year Election in Germany; Unless A Miracle Happens.

Totally wrong domestic as well as foreign policy would lead to a serious disaster.

Note: Some people still don't get it. But the EU is pregnant with many events in the next coming months & years. I don't see any good picture in different terms in this regard; not at all. I have repeatedly warned about this issue in my earlier posts. I repeat it again: The EU is in a serious S**** dangerous situation.

In my essay entitled "An Assessment About the Current Civil War in Syria"(2013) in the section "Some Consequences of the Syrian Civil War", i warned about various terrorist activities, which would happen in the Western countries & the EU (All politicians & pundits ignored my warning). What we are observing currently in Germany, France , etc is just the tip of the iceberg. The catastrophic terrorist activities would begin, when the Syrian civil war is over and those so-called "rebels" have returned to their own countries.   

M. Sirani                  19.12.2016