Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Warning: Iran's President Hassan Rouhani Orders Nuclear-Fuelled Warships (It's Time For Those Geniuses To Welcome Iran to International Nuclear Club).


A- Iran is one of the main shareholders of "ThyssenKrupp" since many years ago.

B- ThyssenKrupp has a contract to build three submarines for Israel, which they can carry nuclear missiles & warheads.

C- Just recently have been exposed that some secret details of ThyssenKrupp was stolen couple of months ago through some cyber attacks.

D- Iran has decided to develop nuclear-fuelled warships.

E- A nuclear warship or submarine needs above 50-60 % enriched uranium.

Note: Special thanks to geniuses Obama administration and its EU counterparts, which have facilitated the best path for Iranian Regime to become a nuclear armed state in the future in a very "legal & legitimate manner" without any problem.

Those geniuses should clean up their nuclear mess in the entire Middle East.

M. Sirani                        13.12.2016