Thursday, August 29, 2013

How Do We Respond to the Current Chemical Attack in Syria?

As mentioned in my earlier posts, I have developed a comprehensive road map consists of different stages with regard to the Syrian civil war. If we mange to implement these stages one by one, we would be able to solve the Syrian conflict gradually. I'm sure the consequences of my plan would be less destructive for the Syrian people, the neighboring countries and the international community from different aspects. Moreover, this plan would create more stability in some vulnerable states in the strategic region of the Middle East. I cannot disclose the whole road map and its stages within a short note in this weblog, based on many reasons. However, despite this limitation, I introduce small part of my plan, which concerns the massive chemical weapons accumulated in Syria

This is the fact that all of us are worried about the massive chemical weapons in Syria particularly at this critical situation, when the whole country is struggling with the civil war; while different unreliable and dangerous actors such as Al Qaeda have also been involved in this conflict. This issue is threatening the security and safety of not only the Syrian government or the Syrian people, but also the international community from different angles. Moreover, this is the fact that this is the second time that some types of chemical weapons have been used in this conflict. I cannot say who, or which side is behind this horrific and inhuman act. But, different evidences indicate the fact that some types of the chemical weapons have been used in Syria, whether by Asad’s regime, or some faction within the Syrian opposition or some Jihadist group. This is something that we cannot deny it. Moreover, this is the fact that both Russia and Iran have clearly stated that any military intervention at this stage would result in catastrophic consequences not only within Syria, but also in some other parts of the Middle Est. Furthermore, since, the United Nation chemical inspectors have not finished their job in this matter; we cannot blame anyone at this stage. However, from this stage, we can start to implement and perform three steps. It should be mentioned that all these three steps should be implemented and performed parallel to each other by all the members of the United Nation Security Council, the Syrian government and a representative from the United Nation; otherwise, we will end up in a dead alley again. These steps briefly are as follows. 

1- The Syrian government has repeatedly announced that it has and it will keep the chemical weapons, in order to defend itself against any foreign invasion, which might be carried out mainly by the West e.g. The US, France and the UK. If this is the main reason of the Syrian government in this matter, the countries of the US, France and England would sign an agreement with the Syrian government to do not invade Syria. Syria, in turn, would dispose all its chemical weapons.

2- Both the Syrian government and the Syrian opposition blame each other for this chemical attack. In this respect, the Syrian government and the members of the Security Council should sign an agreement, that the perpetrator/s of this inhuman act, no matter who they are, should face a fair and lawful justice preferably in the international court.

3- The two countries of Russia and China, in turn, would sign a clear agreement with the US, France and the UK to fully cooperate within the charter of the United Nation in this matter, if the UN inspector would find that the Syrian regime is behind this horrific act. 

These three steps would be equally beneficial for all the internal and external actors, who are involved in this conflict, based on many reasons, as follows.

1- The Syrian government would get a reliable assurance that no foreign power would attack Syria.

2- The disposal of all chemical weapons would close the way for any perpetrator, who wants to use these weapons and create another catastrophic event within Syria or somewhere else in the future.

3- The disposal of these chemical weapons in Syria would be a positive achievement for the Western countries, the Middle East and finally for the international community from different aspects. This event would be beneficial for the Syrian regime itself in terms of cost of maintenance of these chemical weapons.

4- This simple and short cooperation would ease the tension and facilitate the opportunity toward a fundamental solution between different actors, which are involved in this conflict.

5- The perpetrators of this inhuman act would face the justice. In this respect, the international community would fulfill its duty with regard to the use of WMD in a diplomatic and justifiable manner.

6- By performing these steps, we solve a huge problem peacefully at this critical stage without further escalation of the Syrian civil war. In other words, we would turn a horrific act into a positive outcome, which is beneficial in the long term for the whole world and all the actors, which are involved in this conflict.

7- In the end all the actors would be satisfy in the sense that they would pass this critical moment peacefully with some type of equal benefits and consensus.

This was brief explanation about this part of my plan for the Syrian civil war. Unfortunately, I cannot disclose the whole plan in this weblog; but I’m ready to present it to an official and reliable type of authority in order to save the lives of millions Syrian people. Again, we should bear in mind that any military intervention at this stage not only do not solve the conflict; instead, it would intensify the scope and dimension of this conflict into other areas in the Middle East. Thus, let us be reasonable; let us do not make another hasty decision; let us be smart, brave and use this disastrous event and turn it into a golden historical event, which is beneficial for all of us in the long term. It should be mentioned that this is brief explanation of part of my plan for Syria at this critical moment. But my plan consists of other tactical and strategic moves, which ultimately would put an end to this conflict in a reasonable and reliable manner.
M. Sirani                           29.08.2013