Friday, August 9, 2013

Zuwar al Imam Reda and the Two Abducted Turkish Pilots! (A New Helmut Hofer Case or Era)!!

Two Turkish pilots have been kidnapped by some armed men in Beirut today. As the media portray, Zuwar al Imam Reda, an unknown group has claimed the responsibility of this abduction and demanded the release of some Shiite pilgrims, which were kidnapped in Syria in 2012.

This is the basic information about Zuwar al Imam Reda.
Zuwar means pilgrim/s in Arabic language, but this word would also be used in Persian language with the same meaning.
Imam Reda is another pronunciation for the word "Imam Reza". Imam Reza is the eighth Imam of Twelver Shiites, which his mausoleum is in Mashhad a city in the North-East of Iran. Based on this brief information, we can claim with high probability that this group is established and backed by Hezbollah and the Islamic Regime. Thus, the Turkish authority should not waste the time for negotiation with the Lebanese authority and even Hezbollah; instead, it should contact with the Iranian regime as the main chief in command of Zuwar al Imam Reda group.The Iranian regime is pursuing some goals in this matter as follows.

1- It creates the atmosphere of fear and terror among those EU countries, which has designated the military wing of Hezbollah as a terrorist organization.

2-  It would give a warning shot to Turkey and some other countries, which are supporting the Syrian opposition.

3- More importantly, the Iranian regime might use this particular scenario in order to fabricate an unrealistic image from the newly elected president Rouhani. You might wonder how?
This is the story. As the time passes, most of the politicians in Turkey and other countries in the EU might contact the Iranian regime, in order to release these two Turkish pilots in Lebanon. Finally, Rouhani might be involved in this case and after a while, the two pilots would be released. As such, firstly, the Iranian regime would be able to successfully fabricate a moderate and cooperative image from Rouhani in the international arena; something like Helmut Hofer case in 1999 and Khatami. Secondly, the Iranian regime would be able to get some advantages from the West with regard to the Syrian civil war or its nuclear activity or sanction, etc.

In sum, all foreigners, who work in the Middle East and North Africa should implement extra security measures. Because the Iranian regime and its subset groups such as Hezbollah, Jihad and the newly established Zuwar al Imam Reda have great experience and skill in terms of hostage taking and abduction.

M. Sirani               09.08.2013