Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has detained an Indian Oil Tanker in the Persian Gulf!!!

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has detained (or seized) an Indian oil tanker in the Persian Gulf, while the vessel was carrying crude from Iraq. The Iranian official stated that the ship has been detained due to some environmental precautions. Regardless of the truth or the falseness of this statement, the IRGC might pursue two main goals in this matter.

1- By this move, the IRGC wants to show that it has enough power and capability to create insecurity, instability and disorder in the Persian Gulf.

2- If this vessel carries crude, which belongs to the semi-autonomous Kurdistan, by this move; the IRGC wants to give a strong warning to M. Barzani (the leader of Iraqi Kurdistan) with regard to his recent statement, when Barzani claimed that the Iraqi Kurds would involve in the Syria civil war, in order to defend and support the Kurdish people. In other words, Barzani and its troops should not fight against Asad`s regime forces, if they would involve in this conflict somewhere in the future.

M. Sirani                                           15.08.2013