Wednesday, May 21, 2014

$ 400 Billion Dollars Gas Pipeline Deal Between Russia & China.

To those advisers and policy makers in the US and EU administration, who eagerly were / still are the proponent of imposing harsh sanctions on Russia amid current dispute in Ukraine

To those famously, well-experienced International Relations scholars, who directly and indirectly advised President Obama to gather an international army and smash Russia with regard to current dispute in Ukraine

1- Did you analyze the current tension in Ukraine in a scientific and well appropriate manner?

2- Did you consider all the aspects of this event in different terms and possible consequences of your action, while you were analyzing the tension in Ukraine?

3- Didn't you underestimate the power and leverages of Russia, when you called Russia "A simple Regional Power"?

4- Do you still think that we are living in a unipolar world and just one state has the extreme supremacy around the globe?

5- Do you still dare to impose economic sanctions on Russia or even talk about it after this $400 billion dollars deal between China and Russia?

I know, this deal has completely surprised and shocked all of you; but this is not the end of the story. This is the beginning of completely a new era. This is not the President Putin, who thinks and behaves according to the cold war era's rule. In fact, this is you that are trying to dive in an imaginary cold war era dream that does not exist anymore. Such a mentality is wrong and cause you lots of problems. As such, you don't see the reality of different events around the world; consequently, you will be surprised over and over and over again. You will observe more surprises following 2015 onward in different terms in various parts of the world, if you will continue in this way.

M. Sirani                              21.05.2014