Friday, May 2, 2014

Warning: Ukraine on the Verge of A Devastating Civil War.

The wrong policy of the Western countries and current Ukrainian interim government would probably drag Ukraine into a devastating civil war. If the Western Countries and current interim government would not be able to make a peaceful and diplomatic deal with Kremlin as soon as possible, Russian troops would probably enter into Ukraine. The result of such a move would not be pleasant neither for Ukraine, nor for the Western countries. In the worst case scenario, the combination of Russian army and ethnic Russian-Ukrainians would seize the control in North, East and South of Ukraine. To put it simply, the current country of Ukraine would be completely disconnected to the Sea of Azov and Black Sea, if Russia would not be able to annex the whole country. (I have warned about this event in some of my previous notes).

M. Sirani                           02.05.2014

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