Friday, May 23, 2014

Russia and China Signed a Deal to Bypass U.S. Dollar. Are You Aware of Gradual Changes in the International Arena or not Yet?

Russia and China signed an agreement, which allows both states to pay each other in domestic currencies. Such a deal not only undermines the reliability of Dollar in the international market, but also would weaken the American Financial Sectors to some extent in the short as well as long term. This trend will be mush more deepened, when Chinese Yuan will be entered in the international market in 2015. As i have mentioned in my previous notes repeatedly, we will observe more surprises in different terms from 2015 onward. Such an event, would act like sudden eruption of an angry volcano in the international arena.  As a consequence, we will observe the real face and behavior of all the revisionist states around the world in different terms and arenas.

I'm wondering, did some policy makers in the USA and EU anticipate such an event, while they were designed some plans with regard to current tension in Ukraine or not?

My own answer to this question is negative. One may wonder why? If these policy makers were aware of such an event and something like that, they didn't suggest extreme sanctions against Russia; they didn't play NATO toy game close to the Russian borders; they didn't call Russia "A regional power", etc.

M. Sirani                             23.05.2014