Friday, May 16, 2014

Argentine - Iran Cooperation Over the AMIA Bombing Case Reached A Deadlock.

A court in Argentine declared the Argentina-Iran cooperation agreement over the AMIA case unconstitutional. Following this news, Iran's Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman, Marzieh Afkham, expressed Iran's regret and disappointment through a press conference today. In other words, the bilateral cooperation between two countries over the AMIA terrorist incident has reached a deadlock.

This is something that i had anticipated last year, when two countries agreed to cooperatively investigate this terrorist event. As such, i re-upload my short note in this matter once again.

M. Sirani                                     16.05.2014

Argentine-Iran Recent Agreement! (Amia Blast)

On July 18, 1994, a car bomb explosion in front of the Jewish Community Center in Buenos Aires resulted in death of 85 and injured hundreds innocent people. Following this barbaric event and after some years investigation, finally on October 25, 2006, Argentine procecuters officialy accused the Islamic Regime and one of its proxies i.e. Hezbollah as the mastermind actors behind the blast. However, yesterday, after almost 19 years, the two authorities of Argentine and the Islamic Regime signed an agreement to set up a commission to investigate the event. It is worth noting that the commission would consist of five independent judges, which are neither from Argentina nor Iran. The establishment of this commission has shocked many including the Israelis. It is christal clear that the result of this agreement would be nothing, except wasting money, time, energy and an useless propaganda. This commission would not be able to bring those terrorists, who planned and carried out this terrible event to justice; simply, because the Islamic Regime`s high ranking officials are the real master minders of this barbaric event. The establishment of this commission is just a pure tactical political move and to some extent beneficial for both parties i.e. Argentine & Iran.
Through the establishment of this comission, Iran would try to protect, maintain and further empower its influence in Latin American countries including Argentine.
Argentine looks at this event based on the old phrase of "The enemy of my enemy is my friend". We know that Argentine is still suffering about Malvinas dispute. The country desperately tries to find a solution for Falkland Island. The establishment of this mutual commission with the Islamic Regime could be unrderstood as a political and tactical tool for Argentine in this direction, and nothing more. 

M. Sirani                                       (29.01.2013)   

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