Monday, May 5, 2014

Instead of Russia, Buying Gas From Iran? Are You Out of Your Mind?

When i clearly and loudly say that some of the policy makers in the West do not have any idea what they are doing with regard to the current tension in Ukraine, don't blame me. In the beginning of this conflict, i had anticipated that Iran would use the current tension in Ukraine in the best possible way in order to achieve its main goal i.e. developing nuclear weapon. I had also predicted that the conflict in Ukraine would cause an extra tension between the West and Russia. Such an environment would be beneficial for Iran in different terms. As some example, Russia might neglect Iran's nuclear activity within 5+1 group, in order to put an extra pressure on the West. So is the case of reaction of Russia with regard to the current civil war in Syria.

Now, we are going to face an extra problem. The problem is that some policy makers in the West are talking about buying gas from Iran in order to put the pressure on Russia. These policy makers have absolutely no idea what are they talking about, or what are they doing. These policy makers should think about two simple questions as follows.

1- Russia is a serious threat for the West or a nuclear-armed Iran?
2- How would the West be able to prevent Iran in obtaining nuclear weapon, when the West is energy dependent on Iran's gas? (in case the West implements such a wrong idea).

In sum, the wrong policy of the West in Ukraine would cause extra tension and problem for the Western countries in both short and long terms.

M. Sirani                               05.05.2014

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