Thursday, December 25, 2014

Another Political Suicide For President Obama.

Multiple Western experts say: North Korea is not behind the Sony Hack; this is probably an inside job.

The hasty reaction of Barack Obama as the president of the most powerful country in the world in this matter is really shocking me. This is not the first time and i believe it would not be the last time that we see such a hasty reaction from President Obama. In this respect, many examples could be mentioned. Among them, the hasty reaction of president Obama following the latest chemical attack in Syria, which he said the USA would attack Syria, or the hasty reaction of the President with regards to President Mubarak could be mentioned.

I'm really wondering: is President Obama himself eager to commit political suicide in every possible way? Or would someone or some people in the circle of the white house like to intentionally ruin the reputation of President Obama by such a false and fake information?

Whatsoever, by such a wrong move, he is losing his credibility and reliability in the domestic as well as international arena.

M. Sirani                            25.12.2014