Monday, December 8, 2014

Iran is Secretly Trying to Buy Some Equipment for Its Heavy Water Reactor.

One of the main concerns of the international community is Iran's Heavy Water Nuclear Reactor near Arak; a nuclear facility, which would produce plutonium. By using the produced plutonium in this facility, Iran would be able to develop nuclear weapon. That's why, a fundamental modification in the structure of Arak nuclear facility has become one of the main demands of 5+1 in its nuclear negotiation with Iran.

Regarding this issue, different statements have been issued by various politicians in Tehran. Couple of months ago, for example, Ali Akbar Salehi, Iran's head of Atomic Energy Organization, in an interview stated that Iran might change the structure of Arak facility, if the Western countries are concerned about it. Contrary to this claim, Hassan Rouhani recently in a speech claimed that Iran will not shut down any nuclear facility including the Heavy Water Reactor in Arak. Regardless of these contradictory claims, the U.S. authority has been informed that Iran is secretly seeking to buy different equipment for its Heavy Water Reactor in the international market (Foreign policy, 2014).

M. Sirani                           08.12.2014