Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Bashar Assad Criticizes the U.S. led Airstrikes Against ISIS. What the F**K?!

In an interview, Bashar Assad claimed that the U.S. led airstrikes are neither serious, nor effective, nor has produced any tangible results so far. Moreover, Bashar Assad stated:

"You can't end terrorism with aerial strikes. Troops on the ground that know the land and can react are essential," (yahoo, 2014). 

What does Assad mean by such statements? Does he mean that the U.S. should deploy its ground forces to Syria to fight against ISIS under the command of Bashar Assad? lol

Note: We should not be shocked by such statements from either Bashar Assad or the Iranian Regime. One might wonder why?
Simply, because the current policy of the U.S. and the coalition in both Iraq and Syria is completely beneficial for Assad's regime and the Islamic Regime in Iran. Due to this experience, both the Iranian and Syrian Regimes are demanding more help and support from the U.S. and the coalition in their fight against ISIS. Assad's statement should be understood in this respect.

M. Sirani                        03.12.2104