Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Ukraine is Building A Wall Along its Border With Russia.

For god sake:
Tell me where are you from? Where did you find such a genius idea? What do you want to achieve by wasting nearly $20 million dollars budget for such a useless project? Do you want to create peace and instability in Ukraine by building such a wall? Do you think that you can finish the civil war in Ukraine by building such a wall?

Note: Honestly tell me that you want to offer a fat business opportunity to one of your relative or friend by this plan; but do not tell me that you are trying to maximize the security of Ukraine by building this wall. Because you are insulting my intelligence. By the way,  read some notes about the Berlin wall, the wall between the USA and Mexico, the wall between Palestine and Israel, and the great Chinese wall and their positive and negative effects; maybe you learn something.

In the era of total confusion, the stupidity of man kind is unlimited.

M. Sirani                                 31.12.2014