Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Nicaragua Canal Project; Another Progressive Step For BRICS Group.

I'm wondering do the western pundits and politicians follow such a move? Do they observe the gradual and progressive moves of BRICS group in different terms including this one? Do they have the capability to put together all these puzzles and illustrate a complete picture about the future situation?

Note: For some decades the Panama Canal was one of the most geostrategic locations around the globe, which was under the control and command of the western countries particularly the USA. By building the Nicaragua Canal, the Panama Canal would lose its importance in different terms. In addition, the Nicaragua Canal would give the BRICS group more independence and upper hand in terms of economic, international maritime trade, strategic and military matters. In short, we are in the transformation phase of the rise and fall of empires, as i have mentioned in some of my earlier posts. East and South versus West.

M. Sirani                                        23.12.2014