Monday, December 29, 2014

Egypt Bans Movie 'Exodus'.Thus Let's Support the Muslim Brotherhood Against Al Sisi Dictator; As Some Western Media Indirectly Dictate.

Sony is hacked; let's blame North Korea without any credible and reliable evidence.
Malaysian airline MH17 is shot down; let's blame Russia and Putin for that tragic event without any reliable evidence.
Egypt bans Exodus movie. Thus Al- Sisi is a great dictator and should be replaced by so-called a democratic organization like the Muslim Brotherhood as some western media directly or indirectly propose.
Putin gave his coat to Chinese first lady. Oh Putin wanted to hit on Chinese first lady.

Nicaragua is building a canal, which would compete with Panama canal! This canal would ruin Nicaragua and the rest of the world economically as some western media claim.

And the list of jargon continues...........bla bla bla.
I'm really sicking tired of jargon and bullshit of some of the western media. I don't even use such newspapers for cleaning the windows of my home.

M. Sirani                           29.12.2014