Sunday, August 23, 2015

How a Worthless Ashley Madison Website Can Threaten the Security At Various Level.


The hacking of Ashley Madison website and the notion that nearly 15000 genius officials and pundits (As far as i know) have been the members of this website, clearly show that how a worthless website can cause a series of threat and insecurity in various terms at national, regional and global level.

Note: Needless to explore how the membership of such a cheap website can be used as the simple source of extortion and blackmail in the hands of any wrong people or authority against any high ranking officials and pundits. In this respect, i don't defend nor blame the hackers, although they have done something illegal. Instead, i look at the bright side of the story by saying that the hacker or hackers of the Ashley Madison website taught a good lesson to us by this move and illustrated a huge loophole in our Security-Cyber world. Those governmental or non-governmental entities involved in this scandal should clean the mess up as soon as possible and strongly avoid similar disaster in their organizations in the future.

M. Sirani                      23.08.2015