Sunday, August 23, 2015

It's Probably the Time to Welcome Iran to the Nuclear Armed Club States; Of course, if You Don't Want to Delude Yourself.


According to the Western Intelligence, Iran has conducted nuclear explosive test in Parchin Site in 2000 (Politico, 2015).

If the above information is true and correct, then there is high probability that Iran has reached the so-called "nuclear threshold" with regards to the military dimension of its nuclear program. This idea makes sense if we simply consider the three important issues as follows: 1- Iran didn't want to reinvent the wheel, 2- 15 years is not a short period of time for an important issue like having nuclear weapon for an inherently religious expansionist political system like the Islamic Regime, and 3- The availability of nuclear scientists & materials & technology in the global black market (e.g. Abdul Qadeer Khan, the large numbers of unemployed East European nuclear scientists, etc).

Based on brief explanation noted above, my prediction is that Iran has highly likely achieved the technology of building a nuclear warhead or a nuclear bomb. The only thing that Iran needs at the moment is a Intermediate-Range / Intercontinental Ballistic Missile to complete its nuclear military program. This is an important issue and Iran is pursuing this goal mainly through  1- Improving its missile technology and capability through various military maneuvers / Exercises and 2- the so-called "Scientific Exploration" by launching number of satellites (in various altitudes) into orbit.      

M. Sirani                    23.08.2015


Politico (2015):