Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Obama's Weak & Shaky Nuclear Deal With Iran Will Cause More tension, Conflict and War in the Middle East, More Than Any Neocon Political Systems.

As i briefly anticipated in my earlier posts.

The Saudi-led coalition's ground forces have involved into the Yemeni civil war. The Turkish army will involve into the Syrian civil war in the next coming days and weeks. In both cases, we will observe the retaliation of Iran in various parts of the Middle East.

Note: Without a green light from Obama administration neither Turkey, nor Saudi-led coalition didn't dare to implement such a military action at this period of time in Yemen and Syria. This is the price that Obama administration has to paid in order to give more guarantee to its allies and somehow maintaining the balance of power in the Middle East following the weak nuclear deal with Iran.  

M. Sirani                            06.08.2015