Friday, August 21, 2015

Waiting For a New Musical Version of "Wag the Dog" Movie.

A new CNN/ORC poll, released today, shows that that the support among the American public amid President Obama's policy with regards to ISIS and nuclear deal with Iran has extremely decreased, This event indicates the fact that Mr. Morgan Freeman and his fellow Holy Woodian actors & actresses have not played their roles in a very professional and artistic manner. Thus a new complementary trick is needed. 
Given the fact that President Obama has recently released his Spotify’s music list, we should not be surprised, if a group of so-called Anti-war Singers orchestrate a “Peace Concert” in support the nuclear deal with Iran somewhere in the near future. Such a musical event might temporarily divert the mind of American public from the erroneous details of this weak and shaky deal. 

Note: Art should be at the service of humanity and human beings, whether by deception or diversion or any other trick.   

M. Sirani                       21.08.2015