Saturday, August 20, 2016

Obama Administration Deliberately Handed Over Yemen To The Iranian Regime in Return For the Weak & Useless Nuclear Deal.


Different evidences indicate a fact that that Obama administration has sacrificed many issues and paid the Iranian Regime numerous advantages in different terms in order to make a weak & useless nuclear deal with the Islamic Regime. The chaotic situation in Yemen and superiority of Houthis group backed by Iran in this country is an example in this matter. All these devastating events happen in Yemen, while i warned the international community about Yemen in 2011. How on earth, the administration of Obama as the most powerful country in the world and its numerous strong intelligence and security services didn't have a reasonable and logical analysis with regards to various developments in Yemen throughout all these years is a questionable theme. Based on this brief info, i can say that participation of US army in Saudi Arabia coalition in war in Yemen was just a "Cat & Mouse" game in order to delude Arab countries with regards to the nuclear deal with Iran and the secret details behind the scene of this deal and nothing else.

 The map above is part of my essay in this regard.
Title: Iran Should not Get the Nuclear Bomb.


M. Sirani                     20.08.2016