Saturday, August 20, 2016

Warning: Establishing a No-Fly-Zone in North Syria Means A Dangerous Total War Between Various Actors (Desperate & Chaotic Obama Administration).


The ridiculous part of the story is here. In the beginning of the Syrian civil war in 2011, while Russia and China were not directly involved in this conflict as they are today; while Iran was under the severe sanctions imposed by the International Community, Obama admin did nothing seriously with regards to this conflict. As it appears now, it seems the Obama administration is trying  intensify the tension in Syria and consequently  facilitate a ground base to establish a no-fly-zone in North Syria somewhere in the near future. Such a move, (in addition to its cost and technical possibility)  in case of implementation, will be compatible with H. Clinton's plan for Syria and accordingly might be useful in her presidential race against D. Trump, who is advocating another policy in this matter.

This is a very dangerous policy; if my assumption and prediction in this regard are correct. Establishing a No-Fly-Zone in North Syria at this stage means the beginning of an endless total war; a total war, which undoubtedly will spread to other areas in the region by all means. Such a horrific event and its devastating consequences will not be a pleasant event for nobody. (By nobody, i mean all the internal, external actors and the poor Syrian people).

Note: I hope those genius in Washington and other capitals involved in this conflict do not start a stupid move like this in Syria at this stage.

M. Sirani               20.08.2016