Saturday, August 13, 2016

Turkey is Rapidly Moving Towards Some Major Changes Including in Its Foreign Policy; The US and EU Should Be Concerned.


Turkey is rapidly moving towards some major changes; it seems the country is passing through a transitional phase in different terms including in its foreign policy. Some issues such as A- Recent Turkish-Russian rapprochement, B- The newly formed Russian-Turkish-Iranian coalition with regard to Syria, C- The scope and level of economic trade between Turkey and Iran-Russia, D- the current tension between USA and Turkey amid F. Gulen and recent military coup in the country, E- the tension between Turkey and EU amid many issues mainly EU membership for Turkey or the visa-free regulation for Turkish citizens, F- the notion that both Iran and Turkey are supporting the Muslim Brotherhood (Contrary to Saudi Arabia & Egypt), G- Iran and Turkey has similar policy (to some extent) with regards to creation of a independent Kurdish State in the region and many other issues, are some important signs that the US and EU should be concerned about them and as a result re-evaluate some of their policies with regard to Turkey. Some of these issues might not create a serious conflict for the USA & EU at this stage. But i'm pretty sure some of them will create a serious headache for the USA & EU in the long terms; of course, if we analyze them in a very professional and appropriate manner. As some examples, the position of NATO and the influx of refugees into the EU should be mentioned in this regard.

Note: To put it simply: Turkey is moving towards a new direction; while the USA and the EU are observing Turkey with some glasses made during the Cold War Era. (Extremely wrong & dangerous mirror imaging).

M. Sirani                13.08.2016