Monday, August 8, 2016

Warning: Nuclear Armed Pakistan And the Rise of Various Radical Islamic Groups; A Serious Global Threat Somewhere in the Future.


Any military coup as a solution to avoid such a catastrophic event (Conducted by some "secular army generals"; if exists any in reality) in Pakistan will highly likely fail due to the rapid, deep and broad Islamization within the Pakistani society. Any attempt in this regard will face either A- the same barrier as we saw in recent coup in Turkey or B- will highly likely drag Pakistan into a prolonged and devastating civil war between various groups including Taliban and Haqqani network. The US and EU politicians should pay attention to the current critical situation in Pakistan; understand that we are living in 2016 with new dangerous challenges not in 1970s-1980s during the Cold War and find a appropriate and fundamental solution for this country; before it's too late. Any negligence, miscalculation and delay in this matter will be disastrous in different terms for many people.

M. Sirani                 08.08.2016