Monday, October 27, 2014

Beware of Unpleasant Future Events in Tunisia.

The international community, specially the United Nations, should carefully and cautiously follow the events in Tunisia. Based on many reasons, Tunisia might reach a critical point and total instability somewhere in the near future. Among these reasons, the weak political institutions, high rates of unemployment (averaged 15.39 percent), poverty, a severe fragmentation between secular and democrat political parties and neighboring with a failed state such as Libya could be mentioned. These problems indicate the fact that Tunisia has enough potentiality and tendency toward instability and unpredictable events.The combination of these domestic problems along with the ongoing rise of different Islamic Radical groups in the Middle East and some parts of Africa might lead the country toward a chaotic situation, possibly a civil war, somewhere in the near future; unless the secular and democratic parties seize the power and change the course of country in a positive and progressive manner.

M. Sirani                          27.10.2014