Monday, October 27, 2014

Unbelievable Statement of Defense Minister of Australia, Senator David Johnston About Iran's Quds Force.

Don't blame me, when i say that we are living in the era of total confusion. The recent interview of Senator David Johnston, the current Defense Minister of Australia confirms my statement in an appropriate manner.

In an interview, which has been published in the Sydney Morning Herald, Mr. David Johnston stated that "Australian commandos may join with Iranian Quds in fight against Islamic State".

God bless Niccolo Machiavelli. If Machiavelli was alive, he could get extensive and comprehensive lectures in terms of the lack of moral and ethical principles in policy making, hypocrisy, not double standard but also multiple standard, and opportunism from some contemporary politicians.

I'm wondering:

1- Does Mr. Johnston has any idea about the activity of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and its special force the Quds Force?

2- Has Mr- Johnston forgotten that some of the Australian troops and other Western countries forces have been killed and assassinated by Iranian Quds force in the last couple of years in Iraq and Afghanistan?

3-  Does Mr- Johnston's statement in this matter have any compatibility with the will, wish and the main goal of other members of the coalition in fight against ISIS?

In sum:
I suggest Mr. Johnston read the three following essays in my weblog. By reading these essays, he would be able to offer more reasonable and logical statements particularly, when it comes to the Iranian regime and its terror leverages.

1- The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

2- The Structure of power in the Islamic Regime of Iran.

3- Obama's plan against ISIS: a fundamental solution or opening a new Pandora's Box in the Middle East.

Honestly, you are shocking me with this type of statement or the controversial "shirt-front" statement with President Putin. It seems Australia is developing a new type of Foreign Policy.

As i have mentioned in my earlier posts repeatedly:
I wish a supreme power should shake the Earth strongly; maybe by that the Earth rotates in the right direction in the hand of right political figures.   

M. Sirani                             27.10.2014