Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Cluster Bombs Were Used by the Ukrainian Armed Forces against the Rebels and Civilians in Donetsk City.

According to Human Rights Watch, the Ukrainian army has used cluster munitions against the rebels in Donetsk city in its military attacks in October. As it appears, Ukraine has not ratified the Convention on Cluster Munitions Treaty adopted in Dublin in 2008, yet. But contrary to Ukraine, most of the EU countries have signed the treaty. In order to prevent the excessive collateral damage and provoking Moscow more than this, it would be wise for the EU countries to give a strong warning to the current Ukrainian authority in this matter. In addition, the Ukrainian authority should be notified to consider the Basic Principle of Proportionality in its war against the rebels. Moreover, the authority in Kiev should be held responsible for the violation of the international law and convention in this matter.

Note: The United Nations is on the Hibernation Mode in this matter as well. 

M. Sirani                      22.10.2014