Wednesday, October 15, 2014

DABIQ Magazine: One of the Important Propaganda Tools of ISIS.

Dabiq is the name of magazine that ISIS publishes once in a while. Those, who do not have any clue about ISIS, Islam, and the main goal of nearly all radical Islamic groups no matter Shiite, Sunni  and any other branches within Islam, should take a look at it. Those, who are interested, can visit the following link.

Important Note: I don't give any guarantee about the safety of the link and ISIS website in terms of virus, Trojan, or what so ever. The same as all of you, i don't trust this terrorist group at all. My intention to share this short note and the link is only to provide some basic knowledge and information about this barbaric and stone age organization for those, who are visiting my weblog regularly. Thus, i suggest you to visit the link with extra care and attention.       

The link:

M. Sirani                                      15.10.2014