Monday, November 24, 2014

Vienna's Nuclear Negotiation With Iran Reached Another Deadlock. What Then Now?

The last round of nuclear negotiation with Iran finished in Vienna without any successful achievement. The representatives of all states involved in this dispute have decided to extend the negotiation for another six months. This event raises an important question as follows: What will happen in the next coming months?

I have written many short and long essay with regards to Iran's nuclear activity in both Persian and English. Through all these essays, i have explored different reasons, which the combination of all of them enforces the Iranian Regime to pursue nuclear weapon. Among these essays, the one entitled "Will the US attack Iran?" could be mentioned.

It would be useful, for those, who are interested to know more about Iran's nuclear activity, to take a look at this essay.

Title: Will the US attack Iran?


M. Sirani                                       24.11.2014