Thursday, June 4, 2015

A Grand Metamorphosis.

A Grand Metamorphosis

Deep inside me, something strange is happening. It seems a thousand years old volcano is gradually awakening from the remote part of my so far, untouchable heart; a roaring volcano that its impatient eruption is accompanied with a profound change. A huge transformation, a type of grand metamorphosis that enables me: to touch anyone’s mind and soul thousands miles away without any single physical move; to relocate every heavy mountain without any single hit; to reach every star in the sky without any flying machine; to catch the moon and sun in my hands without any protective tool; to fly to the farthest corner of the infinite universe without any spaceship; to beat every powerful army in the world without any gun, sword, or any bow and arrow; just by sincere words; just by naked words.  That’s the ultimate power; the power of…..

M. Sirani                     04.06.2015