Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Regressive Evolution.

Once upon a time, while the Earth was rotating on its humanitarian axis; when mankind had not created any God yet; when the faked God’s prophets were not begotten yet; when carnage, greed and conquest were not identified as the divine compassions in any celestial book; when no crusade was plotted yet; when powder, steel, compass, shallop and slave ship were not discovered in the Occident yet; when those holy voyages were not started yet; the world was an earthy Aden full of endowment for all. In those glorious days, we were righteously moving on the natural and gradual path of a Progressive Evolution; a normal and steady transition, which was equally necessary, mandatory and beneficial for all. From those heavenly days, too many miserable days, weeks, months, years and centuries have passed. From all those majestic eras, there have remained only some fancy words and dreamy stories in our dusty books. This ominous event indicates a harsh fact that we have entered into a new era: The Era of Regressive Evolution. An era, which %1 of the world population lives in an endless paradise, while the other %99 suffers in an eternal hell. That’s the inauspicious destiny of mankind nowadays.    

M. Sirani                            10.06.2015