Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Grexit From the EU Might End UP to Grexit From NATO Somewhere in the Future.


Those genius decision makers in Troika should not underestimate Greece. The negative consequences of Grexit will badly shake the Western countries in different terms including in security and military arenas. There is some possibility as follows.
When the European Union particularly the Troika don't consider the difficult situation of Greek People and Greece and kick the country out of the Union, why on earth would, for example, Greece stay in NATO and spend 2.5 % of its GDP at this difficult period in a huge costly organization like NATO?
Greece should cut its unnecessary expenses in order to survive the current difficult situation. As such, the country should find another way to earn some money. Greece has good geopolitical position with regards to Aegean and Mediterranean Seas, which are attractive for some other countries such as Russia and China. Greece can easily allow Russian or Chinese naval forces use these areas and earn some amount of money by this move. It would be a perfect opportunity for Russia, for example, to have a new naval base in Greece in addition to Tartus in Syria. In short, Grexit and its negative consequences will damage the Western countries in different terms. In other words, Grexit will probably shatter the EU, Euro Zone and also NATO.  

M. Sirani                    30.06.2015