Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Iran's Guardian Council Approved the Bill Amid A Possible Nuclear Deal With 5+1.

Today, Iran's effective upper house of Parliament, the Guardian Council approved the bill amid the details of a possible nuclear deal between Iran and 5+1. The law is clearly describing Iran's red lines in a possible nuclear deal. Here below are the most important parts of the newly approved law.

According to the law:

1- All the sanctions should be removed the day that Iran and 5+1 are signed the deal.

2- Based on the charter approved by Iran's Supreme National Security Council, the IAEA will be allowed to visit Iran's nuclear sites in an approved standard manner.
But, some issues such as accessing and visiting the military, security or sensitive non-nuclear sites or contacting Iran's nuclear scientists and pundits are out of the question and are absolutely forbidden.

3- Iran will not accept any limitation with regards to research and development of its nuclear program.

Note: You are free to make any deal with the Clero-Totalitarian Regime of Iran; but when it comes to a possible nuclear deal, never ever use some terms such as reliability, verification and transparency. Simply, because the whole world is laughing at your joke.

M. Sirani             24.06.2015