Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Chance That the Democrats Would Cooperate With the Republicans And Override Obama's Veto is Very Low.


When it comes to the U.S. presidential election in 2016, the Democrats are not in a very good position. In this respect, the Obama administration should be blamed mainly due to its weak, incompetent and chaotic foreign policy with regards to various events in the international arena. So far, the only popular Democrat candidate, which might be able to have chance in 2016 election, is H. Clinton. Hillary Clinton has, however, some weaknesses in her political resume. In this respect, her weak and incompetent response with regards to invasion of Libya, Benghazi terrorist attack and email scandal could be mentioned.

Considering this issue, the chance that some Democrat members of the Congress would cooperate with the Republicans and override Obama's veto amid the weak nuclear deal with Iran is very low. Due to the fact that overriding Obama's veto in an important issue such as a nuclear deal with Iran, which supposes to become the golden legacy of the Obama administration with regards to its foreign policy, would inevitably decrease the chance of Democrats in 2016 election.
As such, some of the Democrat members of the Congress might probably close their eyes to the weak and shaky nuclear deal with Iran and do not cooperate with the Republicans in order to save the Democrat candidate in 2016 election. Unless the Republicans would be able to collect the negative secret parts of the deal (whether between the USA and Iran, e.g. WTO membership for Iran, or between Iran and IAEA e.g. Iran is the responsible body for gathering and collecting sample at its own military sites for IAEA, etc) and convince the Democrats that the current nuclear deal is a disastrous agreement.  

Note: If the U.S. lawmakers would not be able to to override Obama's veto in this matter, we should simply welcome the Islamic Regime to the nuclear armed countries club. In such a scenario, the next president of the USA, even a Republican, cannot do anything at all about it, due to the fact that following the current deal and lifting the sanction, Iran will quickly become a member of the Shanghai Treaty. Should this happen, the Islamic Regime will become of untouchable nuclear armed revisionist state in the international arena.  

M. Sirani                         26.07.2015