Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Clinton Campaign is Worried About Trump Proposal Amid Deeper & Further Prosecution of Clinton Activities & Clinton Foundation.

Briefly: Based on many data, the majority of U.S. citizens do not trust the political system and institutions in their country. This problem should be solved immediately & broadly.

For the sake of mainly A- safety and security of the USA and the U.S. citizens, B- improving the rule of law & order within U.S. political system, and C- Removing the gap between the people and political system, President Trump should fulfill his promise in this regard. If President Trump ignores this important task, he will lose some of his popularity & credibility among the public not only among the American people but also in the entire world. This issue would be worse than the case of "Closing Guantanamo Prison" for Obama; due to the fact that the scope of damage and destruction that Clinton's activities caused for U.S. political system and citizens in different terms are much higher and bigger than the case of Guantanamo. Moreover, If President Trump would not pursue the justice in case of ClintonGate, Clinton and her powerful allies would paralyze Trump administration in different terms and would not allow him to reach the end of his first 4 years term. Thus, along with those Ethical Reforms, this case should be re-investigated again and justice should be served. Such a move, would empower & strengthen Trump administration in different terms whether at domestic or foreign arena and would be a positive historical lesson for future generations of the USA. It could be: A Type of Unforgettable Justifiable Legacy, which has closed a dirty and dark chapter in the entire U.S. history. 

Note: What is worried me the most: Obama would give Amnesty to Clintons. 

M. Sirani                             09.11.2016