Thursday, November 3, 2016

Warning: Global Economic Downturn: Stock Market Will Highly Likely Go Down At Global Level For A While; The Price of Gold Will Also Increase for A While (Lucky Canada Signed CETA Deal With EU & Saved Itself To Some Extent).

Briefly: Trump will win the election in a landslide.

At global level, some countries have a very slow economic growth or some are in reality experiencing an economic recession. Economically, things are getting more chaotic & worse and we will experience more economic downturn. How far or how deep and how long? I cannot say anything in these matters at the present. But i predict, some countries might highly likely experience deeper recession, or some type of double-dip recession and in some extreme cases (In terms of prolonging & timing) some countries might experience economic depression for a while.

Note: Canada & Mexico will be hit badly. (I'm fully aware that Canada was one of those few states, which didn't experience economic depression or recession in 2008 global economic crisis. Regarding the upcoming economic downturn, i should imply that Canada is lucky; due to the fact that just couple days ago, Canada signed CETA deal with EU. Canada has saved itself to some extent. But not Mexico.

M. Sirani                   03.11.2016