Friday, November 25, 2016

Warning: If the EU would Not Be Able to Solve Its Problem With Turkey, The EU Would Experience the First Wave/s of Refugees (And Terror) In the Near Future.

And Terror: Due to the fact that ISIS or other Islamic Terrorist Groups would deploy their followers into the EU among refugees.

Note: Obama administration and the EU have bribed Turkey; have closed their eyes to various regressive developments in Turkey throughout the last couple of years. Now is Payback Time. The lack of a proper agreement between EU & Turkey would hit all the EU countries in different terms. Within the EU, those states, which have the large numbers of Turks and Kurds citizens would suffer the most; due to the additional clash between Turks & Kurds.  I don't see a pretty future for Germany not only in this case but also in other areas. 

As such, i don't think A. Merkel government would be able to survive in the upcoming political turmoil in Germany. 

M. Sirani                   25.11.2016