Friday, November 25, 2016

What Most of the High Ranking Politicians & Distinguished Pundits Don't Get it (Remember My Short Prediction).

Globally, we are passing through a new transformation phase. The reason that confirms my statement in this matter is the notion that the current international laws, conventions, regulations and institutions in different terms do not function properly anymore. What we observed in Brexit and recently in the USA are the observable signs of the collapse of current world order. We are in the beginning of new era. An era that like Scientific Revolution or Industrial Revolution would deeply shape & change the course of our history in the future.  

We should design a totally new world order (some areas need fundamental change & replacement, some other areas need adjustment & reform) and shape the future events in a correct and proper direction. Otherwise, the gradual collapse of current world order, which is accompanied with destruction and chaos, would unintentionally & forcefully drag us to unknown risky directions. This is a very dangerous & scary scenario.

Note: We don't feel the Earth's motion, while the Earth is orbiting around the Sun. Like this example, most of the people do not experience & observe what i have briefly explained above. 
President-Elect Trump has correctly identified some of these structural problems. This trend is clearly visible in some of his speeches during the presidential race. How would he deal with these problems; how would he design a new world order to deal with these issues, are some questions, which it is too soon to answer them with high accuracy at this stage. 

M. Sirani                            25.11.2016