Saturday, November 5, 2016

The Arab Spring is Causing The Western Spring.

Briefly: (Those, who follow the news & development in various parts of the world, understand what i'm talking about).

Colin Powell designed "Broader Middle East and North Africa Initiative". Implementation of this plan caused massive uprising, turmoil and instability known as "Arab Spring" across the Middle East & North Africa.

The backlash of this totally wrong plan in different terms e.g. influx of refugees and the threat of radical Islamic terrorism is targeting the western countries and is causing the Western Spring.
In this respect, Brexit, the diminishing popularity of some political leaders in the West e.g. Angela Markel in Germany, the rise of right wing political parties across the EU and winning the current U.S. election by D. Trump could be mentioned.

Note: None of these genius Think Tanks (in my opinion Ding Dangs) has written a simple essay in this regard. These genius are good only in Copying & Pasting the historical events and nothing else.  

M. Sirani                5.11.2016