Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Some Important Lessons of 2016 U.S. Election.


Without any doubt, the recent presidential election of the USA has had different types of lessons for different types of people not only within the USA but also around the world. Among all these lessons some of them are worthy to understand & consider as follows.

1- This election exposed the deep and broad scope and scale of corruption, criminal, illegal and illegitimate activities of various parts of U.S. political system for the entire world community.

2- Along with Brexit, the recent U.S. election and wining D. Trump as the next president indicates a fact that the collapse of Globalization Era has started. The experience of couple of decades globalization has had only poverty, unemployment, marginalization, disaster, chaos, tension and war (etc) for the majority of people all around the world. Throughout all these years, the corrupt politicians and pundits have done nothing to solve all these fundamental problems. As such, the majority of people have tried to bypass the corrupt politicians and pundits and fix their problems by this type of reaction like Brexit and voting for D. Trump. To put it simply, the entire world needs a new "World Order". The current world order needs fundamental adjustment and reforms.

3- The UK and the USA are two of the most economic powers in the world. Brexit and the result of recent election in the USA will impact the entire world not only in economic term but also in other arenas. As an example, some other countries might highly likely decide to follow the path of the UK and the USA in this matter. In this respect, France is one of the best candidate. If France would follow the path of UK & USA, the entire EU would highly likely collapse.

4- This election exposed the dishonesty and untrustworthy of large parts of media, pundits and politicians around the world for the entire international community. Throughout the last couple of months, for example, we all observed numerous polls, which showed Clinton was leading; not once or twice; hundreds times. If these types of polls were a few, we could have come to a logical conclusion such as "Scientific Error" or mistake. But couple of hundreds polls showing Clinton was leading, is not a simple Scientific Error. The result of recent U.S. election and wining D. Trump by a landslide, however, indicates a fast that media, politicians and pundits fabricated the polls and lied to all people around the world. As a result, the majority of people around the world do not trust media, some politicians and pundits anymore. Building the trust between ordinary people and the group of media, pundits and politicians would take couple of years time. This is a devastating news for all political systems around the world; due to the fact that media play an important role in every single society around the world. In addition, Those, who have academically studied Statistics & Research Methods remember Dewey-Truman error, From now on, all the books & articles in this subject, instead of Dewey-Truman error, would use Clinton-Trump (fake & fabricated polls).

M. Sirani                                         09.11.2016