Friday, November 25, 2016

President-Elect Trump's NATO Remarks and The Newly Approved EU Army. Who Should Offer D. Trump An Apology?


Throughout the last couple of months, D. Trump has been criticizing NATO based on two main reasons as follows. A- NATO is obsolete. B- All the members of NATO should pay their fair shares.

Both arguments of D. Trump in this regard are logical and correct based on many reasons. For example, NATO is the most powerful military entity in the world. But, when it comes to a small state like Afghanistan and small group like Taliban, NATO has not been able to establish peace and instability in that country after nearly 15 years war. So is the case of ISIS. NATO couldn't stop or prevent various terrorist attacks of ISIS followers across the EU. The argument of D. Trump in this regard is totally correct; simply because the nature of warfare in some areas around the world has changed. At the present time asymmetrical & proxy war are the most used warfare around the world. When it comes to this type of war, NATO is totally paralyzed and obsolete, whether those NATO Generals like this argument are not. This is a fact.

When it comes to paying the fair share by all NATO members, D. Trump's argument is also correct. This issue would be totally understandable, if we consider some other factors such as A- The current national debt of the USA (Nearly $20 Trillion dollars), B- The total amount of trade deficit of the USA, C- The competitive economic power of the USA in comparison with other rising economic powers around the world, the high rates unemployment in the USA, increasing level of poverty among US citizens and many other factors.

Despite the fact that these two arguments of D. Trump were / are logical & reasonable, many politicians and pundits within the USA and around the world accused him in a very unfair and unethical manner by saying that Trump would weaken NATO or Trump would dissolve NATO.
After all these unjust and inaccurate accusation, we hear that the EU parliament has recently approved a resolution, which would allow the creation of the EU Army.

Due to the fact that establishment of such a military entity parallel to NATO would fundamentally weaken NATO, someone should ask all those critics: who has dissolved and weakened NATO? D. Trump or those genius, who designed & approved the creation of the EU Army? Who should offer D. Trump an apology in this regard?

M. Sirani                       25.11.2016