Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Exclusive: The Current Wrong Policy of West and NATO Will End UP in a Huge Fiasco in Ukraine.

I don't have enough time to explore this issue in details. But some policies such as NATO enforcement, or military maneuvers in the Baltic Sea or Black Sea do not solve anything at all in Ukraine. Such provocative military operations, instead, would encourage the ethnic Russians to be more radical in their demands. Such a military environment would also facilitate a better opportunity for Russia to intervene in Ukraine as well. I hope those policy makers in NATO would calculate all the details of the current military operation and understand an important point. The important point is that they are not directly fighting with Russian army in Ukraine. Such a characteristic would make the operation very complicated for NATO in different terms.

My anticipation is that the current wrong policy of the West and NATO would end up in a huge fiasco in Ukraine.

M. Sirani                    16.04.2014

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