Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Fourth Political Theory; Euroasianism Developed By Alexander Dugin.

FOREIGN AFFAIRS Magazine has recently published an article entitled "Putin's Brain" written by Anton Barbashin and Hannah Thoburn. The article explores The Fourth Political Theory (Euroasianism) developed by Alexander Dugin (a Russian thinker) and claims that Russia's invasion in Crimea is based on Dugin's theory.

I'm not defending the article and I'm not a follower or fan of Alexander Dugin. But since the Forth Political Theory is a newly developed idea (as far as i know), we should have a deeper and more comprehensive knowledge about it.
According to Dugin, we have entered a new era. As such some old theoretical assumptions such as Liberalism, Marxism, fascism, nationalism are not able to define the contemporary world affairs in different terms in an appropriate manner. As i have understood, Dugin claims: this is "The End of The World" for previous political theories. But Dugin does not say his theory is the so-called "the Last Standing Man". Dugin's theory seems to be a combination of regionalism, traditionalism and to some extent Heideggerian philosophy.

Understanding this theory is important for different fields of Social Sciences, because its definition and explanation cover broad characteristics of contemporary human society. I believe all scholars and students in International Relations, Political Science, Political Economy, and Sociology should have a basic knowledge and understanding about this theory.

Here below is the link of the article.

M. Sirani                              17.04.2014                

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