Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Gunmen Abducted About 200 School Girls in Nigeria. Shame on Royal Dutch Shell, Chevron, Texaco, Total and Agip Oil Companies.

As CNN reports, the school girls were sleeping in their dormitories, when the attack occurred. During this attack, which took place last Monday, the heavily armed Boko Haram Islamists attacked the Government Girls Secondary School in Chibok. During this horrific event, nearly 200 innocent school girls were abducted by Boko Haram gunmen.

This is a scandalous and shameful event not only for corrupt and undemocratic Nigerian government, but also for those multinational oil companies that have close economic relationship with Nigerian authority. Among these multinational oil companies Royal Dutch Shell (British-Dutch), Chevron-Texaco (American), Exxon-Mobil (American), Agip (Italian), Total (French) could be mentioned.

This barbaric and inhuman act raises some questions as follows.
1- Who is/are the main responsible person or entity for such a horrific act?

2- Who should we blame?

3- Should we blame the Boko Haram organization alone?

4- Or should we blame the corrupt and undemocratic Nigerian government?

5- what is the role of all multinational oil companies in this matter?

6- Do these western multinational oil companies support and assist the corrupt and undemocratic Nigerian government or not?

7- Do we have the right to blame the Royal Dutch Shell, Chevron-Texaco, Exxon-Mobil, Agip, Total in this matter or not?

8- Do we have the right to blame Dutch, British, American, French and Italian governments in this matter or not?

9- Should the Dutch, British, American, French and Italian governments feel responsible in this matter or not?

10- Should these states have a little bit control about the activities of their multinational oil companies in Nigeria and other third world countries or not?

11- How can we trust these states, when they are talking about human rights and democratic values, while they are supporting every damn undemocratic political system around the world because of oil, gas and other natural resources?

And many other questions.

Briefly, I don't put the blame on the Nigerian government or the Boko Haram alone. I put the blame mainly on Dutch, British, American, French and Italian authorities, Because they have closed their eyes on the activities of these multinational oil companies in Nigeria. Shame on those states and multinational oil companies that are supporting and assisting the undemocratic and corrupt Nigerian government because of the exploitation of natural resources in Nigeria.
These states and multinational oil companies are indirectly the collaborators in this horrific act. 


M. Sirani                   16.04.2014

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